Have you been turned down or denied Life Insurance due to your health, past recreational use, past DUI, sports activity, incarcerated, age or extreme life style? Look no further you have come to the right place. I am an independent life insurance agent licensed in Kansas and Missouri and I love to work on these types of situations:

Golden Handcuffs

Deferred Payments

Golden Parachute

Large Financial Compensation

Executive Bonus Plans

Section 162

Defined Benefit Plan

Calculated according to length of service

Irrevocable Funeral Trusts

Help qualify for Medicaid

Security Plans

Assest Protection

Business Succession Plans

Exit strategies and plans for the unexpected

Business Buy/Sell Agreements

Planning—Avoiding Common Mistakes in Buy-Sell Agreements

Business Finance Premiums

Don't Liquidate to Pay Your Insurance Premium

Retirement Arrangements

An important part of your compensation package

Unlimited Roth Arrangements

Greater tax savings and withdrawal flexibility

Be Your-Own-Banker Plans

Aggressively save money with a life insurance policy




    Trust you can count on

    Most plans will be reviewed by an Attorney and CPA before implementation. Most plans require underwriting for Term, Indexed Universal Life, Whole Life and a combination. I am an expert in this field and I am here to get you covered in the right plan for you, your family, business and business relationships.



    The experience you need

    Since 1996 we have actively held a state license to sell our products. The only way that this license can be acquired is by passing the state life insurance test that is offered by each state's insurance commissioner. We take pride in staying current on what is happening in the industry, we continually take educational courses to keep up-to-date on new and change products in the marketplace .


    Options you didn't know you had

    There are many kinds of insurance to handle what comes your way. The options and types of coverage varies greatly, let us show you how to handle the most difficult situations.


    Savings and Peace of Mind

    As your life situation changes, so do your insurance needs. And having someone there for you is essential. Your insurance coverage should reflect important changes in your life such as marriage, the birth of a child, a move, or failing health. Aside from these momentous events, we will review your coverage annually to determine your needs.

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The game changer

There is a reasons why you should consider UL King as your insurance solutions company:

Christopher W. Brodie


I'm honored to help you where others may have failed, and to work with you in solving your personal or business quandary. When you step back and see what I have accomplished for others, it make me proud to have been a benefit to so many of my clients. In an incredibly competitive environment, we're winning by developing unique compelling solutions and connecting fresh ideas, relevant applications and integrated approaches that others may not have seen nor tried.


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